Lençóis, Pati Valley, Capão valley, Fumaça Waterfall, Pratinha Cave, Pai Inácio's Mountain,  Buracão Waterfall... Chapada Diamantina has an impressive diversity of landscapes that will amaze you. 

 The Ecotur agency:

Created and directed by a native guide with over 20 years of experience, located in Lençóis, the agency offers tours and trails with specialized and experienced guides on organized tours, so that your time in the Chapada Diamantina will be enjoyed safely and respecting nature.

Ecotur Viagens e Turismo    

Praça Horácio de Matos, 142 - Lençóis - Bahia

Fones:   ( 75 ) 3334-1956   (75) 9 9992-0102


Chapada Diamantina - Bahia - Brasil

CNPJ.  07.423.567/0001-10 

Cadastro Ministério do Turismo:  05.015544.10.0001-3