Long Hikes  -  Pati Valley

Physical effort: intense

Option for 3, 4 ou 5 days trek


The Pati Valley is considered by experts in trekking as one of the most beautiful treks in South America, there are three main access routes to the beginning and end of the crossing: Vale do Capão, Guiné and Andaraí , so the trek can be adjusted to the time available (3, 4 or 5 days) and also the physical conditioning or weather conditions.The three days trek includes the main points of Pati (Pati’s viewpoint, Castle Hill, Cachoeirão waterfall, funis waterfall) and the more available days longer be seen.Families who lives a long time in remote parts of the Valley welcomes guests in simple accommodations including breakfast and dinner, the snack trail (replacing lunch) is prepared by the guide. In this way visitors can enjoy the trek with more comfort and carrying less weight. 


Price per day per person, including: english speaking guide, insurance,  food , hosting and transfer to the starting point of the trek and transfer back to Lençois


For groups of 4 people or more   R$ 320,00 per day/per person

For groups of 3 people  R$ 365,00 per day/ per person

For groups of 2 people  R$ 430,00 per day/ per person

For 1 person R$ 675,00 per day

Valid until June/2020:


We accept debit and credit card

For cash payment 5% discount.

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