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Buracão Waterfall - chapada diamantina

Tour combining routes traveled by car, and walking
Physical effort: moderate
Total travel by car: 500 km     -  Total walk: 12 km

Buracão is one of the most beautiful waterfall of Chapada, it has 98 meters high and a beautiful trail through the canyon.

It Is located in the extreme south of the park (In Ibicoara - 250 km, from Lençóis) Because the long distance, the ideal is to combine two tours to visit the southern part of the park in two days:

  • first day  leaving Lençois 7:00am transfer to Ibicoara and  there about 1h15 min walk to the Buracão waterfall. Overnight in Mucugê (historic town located 150 km from Lençóis)  there are options of inns with daily prices around R$ 75,00 per person .  It's necessary to carry food and water

  • second day .Leaving Mucugê at 9:00 am to visit The Blue Pools   and return to Lençóis  


Price 2 days tour (per person in group tours minimum 4 people ) .

R$ 980,00 (card payment) or

5% discount for cash payment

Valid until december/2023

Including: transfer, guide, lunch (drinks not included) and entrances fees.

Not included: accommodation and food.

Although tiring, there is also the possibility to visit only

Buracão Waterfall in one day:


Leaving Lençóis at 6:30 am. and returning around 08:00pm
It is about 3h30min drive to Ibicoara (250km) and then 1h30min walk to the Buracão waterfall. 
Returning to Lençóis at  the end of the day.


Price  for 1 day tour  (per person in group tours minimum 4 people) 

R$ 510,00 (card payment)

5% discount for cash payment


Valid until december/2023

Including: transfer, guide , food (snack) and entrances fees..

If you prefer private or customized tours, please contact us.

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